Kang Liyuan's Academic paper published!

2019/10/30 13:51:52 Comment Browse

"Discussion and Practice of Electrical Laminated Wood Processing Technology" , Kang Liyuan Sci&Tech's academic paper, was selected into the proceedings of the "First National Technical Seminar on Transformer High Performance Insulation Materials". Congratulations!

Abstract:Unlike the oil-immersed transformer with oil-paper insulation, the insulation structure of dry-type transformer is formed by the combination of air and solid insulation materials, which has more diversity in material selection and insulation combination. The earliest transformer is dry-type transformer, which has a history of more than 100 years. According to the types and modes of solid insulation, dry-type transformers are divided into epoxy resin casting, epoxy resin winding, open ventilation and impregnation. They have the advantages of fire prevention, disaster prevention and maintenance-free, and are widely used in various important fields. According to the different temperature, electric field strength and insulation form, the insulation materials used in different parts of dry-type transformer are different, but the insulation materials with low cost, high breakdown field strength, good heat resistance and thermal conductivity and environmental protection are the development direction of insulation materials in dry-type transformer. Insulation structure is the combination of insulating materials. Temperature and electric field strength are the main factors of aging of insulation structure. The evaluation method is analyzed and discussed. Large capacity, high voltage, good environmental adaptability and hybrid insulation structure are some research directions in the application of dry-type transformer insulation structure.